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Last night wasn't too bad after all.

First of all, I acquired a date for the F11/Trapt concert. Ash was going to be my partner in crime for the evening, but she has to work so she had to bail. --That's okay, hun, we'll do it another time. I still love ya.-- So anyway, I was racking my brain for someone who would really appreciate the music and one name popped into mind... Anna. --We are going to fucking rock out, babe. It is guaranteed to be a great party. I'm looking forward to it.--

Also, I got to hang out with Michael and Southone which is always fun. And I really enjoyed seeing everyone at Bankston's too. --You guys all rock!--

I must also extend a special thanks to someone for our conversation last night. --You know who you are. I really needed to hear some of those things (particularly the scar stuff). You just made my life a little easier, hun. Thanks.--
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