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You've Got To Be Fucking Kidding...

I can't believe this shit. Over a month ago we discussed and decided that we definitely needed to have a formal goodbye-type evening before he left. It was actually his idea too. We had even planned a couple of them but his departure kept being pushed back so the talk was pushed back too. Well, the call that I specifically asked him not to make came a couple of hours ago:

Me: Hello?
Him: Hey sweetie, what's up?
Me: Not a whole lot, babe. What are you doing?
Him: I'm on my way out of town...

It is official: I hate absolutely everything about my life right now except for Nate. I just want to disappear...
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By 'Nate', I assume you mean both Jr. AND Sr.....

Keep your head up, Kris. Men aren't worth a second thought- trust me. I am a man and yet I still know this to be true.
Of course I mean you both. =) Anyway, it's not that big of a deal really, I am just disappointed by another person who I put my trust in. I just need to realize that most people are not who I think they are. Plus side: I get to return his going-away present and buy something for me instead. =)