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It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm sure that no one really noticed. I've had a lot going on lately...

Well, The Talk has been officially scheduled for Wednesday night at my place. It was his idea. After the way things went this weekend, I think he realized that we really need to get everything out in the open. The look on his face when his friend kissed me at the club Saturday night almost made me cry. And then there was his response to Marshall calling me when he was here Sunday night. It was almost like he felt betrayed. I don't think he realizes how deep my feelings for him go. I've basically been living my life for him for months now. Tomorrow night is going to rip me apart.

Friday morning is going to be the worst pain that I've felt in years. I plan to stay drunk all weekend. The first drink will be consumed when he hugs me and gets in his car to leave. I'm glad that I have a couple of people who will be there for me. Shantel and Shauna, I love you guys and thanks for listening to me cry Sunday night. I'm looking forward to some drunken girl time this weekend.
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