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Kris' Wednesday.

Early Morning:
-- Woke up in a cold sweat.
-- Freaked out because I spent $120 on a Symbolic Logic book.
-- Realized that the $120 book was only a nightmare.
-- Experienced an overwhelming rush of relief.
-- Decided to stop procrastinating a trip to the bookstore.

Late Morning:
-- Endured a painful orthodontists's appointment. Ouch!
-- Skipped class due to the aforementioned appointment.

Early Afternoon:
-- Discovered the Symbolic Logic book only costs about $60.
-- Rejoiced at that discovery.
-- Attempted to access Schedule Request on PAWS.
-- Got pissed off at Tiger fucking Plaza & its T1 LAN! Grrr.

The Present:
-- Procrastinating a textbook-buying expedition by updating my LJ.
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