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Okay, now I'm exhausted. Judd and I just ran around with Nate & Bailey for two hours. Outside, I might add, in the middle of fucking January in short sleeves. I hate Louisiana. Isn't it supposed to be winter? Doesn't that mean that I should be wearing a coat? Fuck this state. I can't wait to move to Chicago.
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I dunno about you, but wearing the same damn coat everday since September, with no end in sight until March gets really really very old. If I had money, the simple solution would be to buy a new one. But, fuck, I am a damn missionary. We donˇt have money. I miss my damn flipflops, somedays, more than my own mother.
Well, at least you know that you need to put a coat on in the morning before you leave the house. =) I keep getting stuck in this unpredictable shit-ass weather. Love you & miss you!